As Turkey Time Nears, Farmers Are Cautiously Optimistic

As Turkey Time Nears, Farmers Are Cautiously Optimistic

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NEW CARLISLE, Ohio – Turkey farmers are aware this year is different.

What You Need To Knows

  • Public officials are urging people to reevaluate their holiday plans
  • Bowman and Landes Turkey sells about 70,000 turkeys every year
  • Their businss was established in 1943 and is located in New Carlisle, Ohio

“With COVID-19. We are cautiously optimistic it’s going to be a good Thanksgiving. Whether families meet together as a small group or a large group, we think they are going to want to celebrate with their families and celebrate the holiday and really enjoy it and use turkey as their centerpiece,” Drew Bowman said.

Bowman is a third-generation turkey farmer. His family co-owns Bowman and Landes Turkeys.

“It’s nice working with friends and family, especially this year as we approach the holiday season. It becomes a busy and exciting time of year,” he said.

Almost every sector of the economy has been affected by the pandemic and agriculture, including turkey farming, is no different.

Bowman said they’ve adjusted their workspaces and market to accomodate social distancing.

“We’ve basically doubled our square footage in the store. And also to prepare for the potential increase in demand we’ve added a couple of check out counters here on the other side of the store to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday,” he said.

Bowman and Landes Turkeys is currently accepting holiday orders.

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