First University of Dayton students begin classes at The Hub

First University of Dayton students begin classes at The Hub

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DAYTON, Ohio — One of the state’s newest educational spaces is welcoming the first groups of students for in-person classes.

What You Need To Know

  • The first cohort of students to take classes at The Hub are excited to explore and utilize the new space
  • About 250 University of Dayton students will take classes at The Hub during the 2021 fall semester
  • Students said the new learning environment will be a boost for creativity and ingenuity 
  • Students are also excited for the interaction with local business partners and entrepreneurs 

Eager students from the University of Dayton are ready to get the semester started at The Hub. The newly repurposed space in Dayton aims to connect students with local businesses. 

“It’s really going to be awesome to be back in person with everyone and see everyone back on campus,”  photography major Natalie Yersavich said.  

Yersavich said being in this new space should be a great boost for creativity.

“I don’t know how they thought of it, but I think it’s an absolute amazing opportunity and absolutely incredible what they’ve done with the place,” Yersavich said. 

The Hub, Powered by PNC, is a $98 million renovation that’s breathing new life into the Dayton Arcade which sat vacant for nearly 30 years.

Associate Professor of Art and Design Glenna Jennings is excited to be back in a classroom setting because she said that’s where students thrive, but also the format sets them up for success after. 

“That’s exactly what this space does,” Jennings said. “So the students will be coming into contact directly with people working as entrepreneurs, as community activists. They’ll be in an environment that includes the university but isn’t just a collegiate environment.” 

About 250 University of Dayton students will have classes at the Hub this Fall — utilizing studios for printmaking, graphic design, photography and painting. 

Graphic design and sustainability student Yamilet Perez said being back in person will be an adjustment, but overall is looking to channel the energy flowing through campus. 

“I think design and architecture is really important to the ambiance and environment that you create — whether that’s a learning environment or working environment,” Perez said. “So having a space that feels really alive with fresh colors and makes you feel more energetic to contribute to whatever it is that you’re doing here.” 

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