I was shocked: Lucky Browns fan invited to NFL Draft

I was shocked: Lucky Browns fan invited to NFL Draft

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CLEVELAND — Typically when it comes to the NFL Draft, Browns fans are really looking to find someone who can change the direction of the team, but this year, the Browns are building off of their momentum from last season.

What You Need To Know

  • A few lucky Browns fans were invited to come to the NFL Draft
  • Usually, the draft is the Super Bowl to Browns fans, but after a successful season, it’s just a bonus
  • Tom Selders, a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan, said he believes it will be another great year for the team

A few lucky Browns fans were invited by the team to attend the draft this year. One of them is Tom Selders, who submitted to be chosen via email.

“I was shocked! When I saw the email, I wasn’t sure. I had to read it a couple times,” he said. “OK, yeah it seems like we’re gonna get tickets for this.”

Selders has been a die-hard Cleveland Browns Fan his whole life.

“We’re the best fans in the world. It doesn’t even compare,” he said.

Because when you’re a Browns fan, you’ve got to be loyal. Selders has been a loyal season ticket holder for more than two decades.

“Since ‘99, yeah. And I attended games before that but not as a season ticket holder.”

To attend this year after a sucessful 2020 season, “usually the draft is our Super Bowl.” 

Selders said he’s excited he doesnt have to convince anyone of the team’s potential this time around.

“We’re gonna finally turn the corner. Every year! And every year I talk my friends into, ‘no this is going to be a better year than what we think. They’re in the right direction’. For 20 years I’ve been telling them that and they just laugh at me. But now the past two years, it’s been better,” he said.

He jumped at the chance to attend something he certainly never thought would be happening in here in Cleveland, “and thats what’s so great about this. This is a once in a life time experience.”

There were requirements for fans to attend the Draft. Attendees had to be fully vaccinated by April 15th

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