New, Easier Way to Get Mental Health and Addiction Help

New, Easier Way to Get Mental Health and Addiction Help

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CINCINNATI — Health experts have shared concerns that the pandemic could increase suicide rates across the nation due to isolation. For those in mental health, it’s more important than ever to get services to those who need it. 

What You Need To Know

  • Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS) has adapted a new model to streamline services
  • GCBHS has added services to allow for clients with mental health illnesses and addiction problems to get all of their services in one place
  • The pandemic has also caused concern for an increase in suicides because of isolation. GCBHS is glad to expand services at such a critical time

​It’s cause for celebration for the Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services. The organization, which serves more than 20,000 people across the region, is now offering new ways to get more services. Its Amelia location was awarded a grant earlier this year to implement a new model to streamline services.

“It just gives us a really great opportunity to just treat the person as a whole person instead of breaking them apart and having them go to different places,” said Alicia Fine, the vice president of Clermont County Health Services.

The clinic services adults with serious mental health issues, and now allows them to get those services they need all in one place.

“We don’t want access to be the problem,” said Jeff O’Neil, president and CEO of Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services. “The model really extends itself to make access as easy as possible whether it’s easy to come and see us or if we need to come see you and provide services where you’re at.”

The Amelia location serves about 5,000 adults with both mental illness and substance use disorders.

“We’re looking at servicing individuals that have mental health issues, but also who have addiction issues,” Fine said. “People oftentimes have both needs, and so we’re going to be able to serve them comprehensively out of one site.”

Employees with behavioral health services say the change in this model and the grant came at just the right time, as more people than ever are experiencing isolation due to the pandemic.

“The pandemic is just creating so much isolation for everyone, not just individuals with mental health needs or addiction,” Fine said. “So, I think we get to be a resource.”

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