Northeast Ohio music store back in business after fire

Northeast Ohio music store back in business after fire

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CLEVELAND — A northeast Ohio music store that burned down nearly three years ago is now back in business. 

What You Need To Know

  • The family-owned shop has been offering instruments and lessons for more than 70 years
  • Koss Music Center was founded by Edward Koss
  • Dominic Ricciardi is Koss’s grandson and teaches piano, drums and guitar

“I put my heart and soul into this music store. It’s a family store that has been going for so long,” said Dominic Ricciardi, owner of Koss Music Center.

Ricciardi has had a difficult time since 2018 when his family business, Koss music, caught fire.

“I was gonna go out and see some concerts in February, and I just couldn’t believe it. (I) was driving down the highway, and I see in the distance — I see the smoke from the highway, and I’m like oh man, I hope that’s not my store. Sure enough, it was my store. So total bummer,” said Ricciardi.

Koss Music has been the family business for the past three generations. 

“Once you build a business for so long and then all of a sudden everything is gone, it’s tough to restart in a new location as you can imagine,” said Ricciardi.

It took some time for Ricciardi to find a new spot to rebuild, but in late July, Koss music reopened in Lorain. Ricciardi transformed a dentist office into his new studio. He even had a ribbon cutting with his 95-year-old grandmother doing the honors.

“You can see my little shrine to my grandfather, he’s right there in the middle, and he’s got that button box, so he started this business in 1947,” said Ricciardi.

The fire wasn’t Ricciardi’s only obstacle. The pandemic also slowed his progress.

“I wanted to open in 2020 — and as we all know and we are still dealing with — COVID, shut me down,” he said.

Now that the store is back, Ricciardi can give lessons again and that’s good news for his students, too.

“I had like one lesson with Dominic at Koss at the old location. Then the fire happened, and I’ll be honest, I was a little bummed out because at the time I was younger, I was excited to get into it, but then he came back in a new location. I was super pumped about it,” said Jared Fleming, a music student from Sheffield Lake. 

Ricciardi is hopeful this fresh start will lead to other 70 years for Koss music.

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