Selfie studio opened by young entrepreneurs attracts instant following

Selfie studio opened by young entrepreneurs attracts instant following

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Selfie studios are popping up all across Ohio. They’re a place to get together with friends and take perfectly lit photos in front of creative and interactive backgrounds. Aisley Herndon and Allie Sayre are the co-owners of Studio 31 Akron.

“We’ve been open for five days,” said Sayre.

What You Need To Know

  • Studio ​31 is a new photography studio in Akron
  • The studio has a selfie space where clients can book private photoshoots
  • The selfie space features several different themes including a cloud wall​​

​Though the studio hasn’t been open long, the two photographers found a space and designed it all on their own in less than six months. The basement holds their selfie studio.

“We’ve had people drive like an hour or two hours already and we’ve only been open for a week. So it feels so awesome just for people to get excited about it,” said Herndon.

This is something that shocked the pair. 

“I think we’ve probably sent 100 texts to each other just being like ‘we’re doing it, it’s happening’,” said Sayre.

The selfie studio also has a fun name.

“I went to Hobby Lobby the day before we opened and we’re like ‘what are we going to do we don’t have a sign,” said Herndon. “And there was a little sign like this big that said ‘the babe cave’ and it was for like a childs bedroom, it was pink like a baby room, and I made a bigger version of it. So it’s the Babe Cave!”

Together they came up with themes for every inch of the selfie space. It gives people a chance to have a fun photoshoot for any occasion. 

“A lot of this is supposed to be like an interactive space. We want people to like get in there and like you know, do their thing,” said Sayre.

The most popular background: the cloud wall.

“We hot glued all of this on here. Each individual piece of fluff,” said Herndon.

But their hard work and long hours on the wall paid off.

“I think it’s just because it is really interactive and it’s also been a trend, the cloud walls, but it’s more like sparse cloud walls. Not necessarily as much as this,” said Sayre.

Their goal is to have a selfie space different from others. Not only do guests get to enjoy different backdrops, they also don’t have to share the space with others. Each group has the whole basement to themselves. Herndon and Sayre both said they’re happy to see their vision come to life.

“I don’t even know how many times I’ve cried. It’s amazing. It really is,” said Sayre. “It’s very honoring and humbling to just see people kind of like go with us where our heads went for months of just like being crazy about finding and filling the space with our ideas.”

The business partners are also working to open a boudoir studio and event space in the upstairs areas of their studio.

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