AT&T launching faster 5G+ on March 6 with Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra

AT&T launching faster 5G+ on March 6 with Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra

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Not all 5G is created equal, depending on the spectrum, it could be slower and offer more range, or it could be faster and only cover a limited area. Up until recently, AT&T used only the low band 850MHz spectrum, similar to T-Mobile’s 600MHz 5G, that offers more range but slower speeds.

However, on Friday, March 6, 2020, AT&T is launching what it calls 5G+ using millimeter wave technology. According to AT&T, 5G+ will offer customers peak speeds of up to 2Gbps. As mentioned above, the new faster mmWave network will do so with a much more limited range. Currently, AT&T offers 5G service in 80 total markets, but 5G+ will only be available in “parts of 35 cities for customers with compatible plans and devices.”

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It’s important to note that not only will 5G+ be in limited locations such as “select businesses, universities, hospitals and sports venues” but that you’ll also need a compatible device. At this time, there are only two such devices on the AT&T network, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra. The regular Galaxy S20 doesn’t support the new mmWave technology.

Along with the launch of its 5G+ mmWave network, AT&T also announced it would expand 5G service to 22 more markets. Some of the cities include Albany, Cincinnati, and Lancaster. The full list can be found below.

  • Albany, Ga.
  • Albany, N.Y.
  • Athens, Ga.
  • Beaverhead County, Mont.
  • Binghamton, N.Y.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Denver, Colo.
  • Hamilton, Ohio
  • Lancaster, Pa.
  • Lincoln County, Mont.
  • Madera County, Calif.
  • Madison County, Va.
  • Mono County, Calif.
  • Provo, Utah
  • Raleigh County, W. Va
  • Ross County, Ohio
  • Santa Rosa, Calif.
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • State College, Pa.
  • Sussex County, N.J.
  • Worcester, Mass

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