City of Green Launches Paramedicine Program to Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

City of Green Launches Paramedicine Program to Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

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GREEN, Ohio — Firefighters are almost always the first on the scene of an emergency, making them a great resource when figuring out ways to help people before and after an emergency.

What You Need To Know

  • The paramedicine program is in communities nationwide, however, it’s the first of its kind in the Green area
  • Fire Medic Brian Lloyd has been researching how to launch this kind of program successfully for years
  • The idea is Lloyd, or another medical professional, can make home visits after an emergency has occurred hoping to prevent future incidents and diagnose any issues individuals might have

Brian Lloyd is a fire medic with a background in public health. He wants to prevent things from happening rather than show up afterward.

“I can identify a lot of issues just by being there talking,” said Lloyd. “Sitting there, chatting.”

Unfortunately, a lot of his calls come after a 911 call. In his view, this seems too late so he started looking into the typical chain of events.

“They get great care from us, great care from the hospital (then) they go to a rehab and get great care then they go home,” said Lloyd.

What Lloyd wants to do is go into a home and make sure there’s not a recurring incident that leads to another accident or injury.

He researched programs that would keep residents safe and healthy in their homes. His vision came to light through a recent program the he and the city of Green launched called Community Paramedicine.

When local dealership Toth Buick-GMC heard about the program through the Mayor, they wanted to help. They donated a new wrapped vehicle specifically for the program.

Now, that car is loaded with equipment Lloyd uses everyday.

“I make sure I have all the things I deliver—kind of cliché—across the board,” said Lloyd. “Like an emergency information handbook, some drug disposal bags, make sure I have smoke detectors, make sure my bag is full and ready to go.”

Lloyd says the support from the mayor’s office, Toth Buick-GMC and the community has been overwhelming.

“What’s great is the program is community paramedicine being supported by the community,” said Lloyd.

If you’d like to learn more about this program and if it’s offered in your community, click here.

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